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About This Site

Just like the preamble says, there is everything but the one you thought.

Please keep that kind of stuff inside your own property and in your own time. Thank you.

Jokes aside, what specifically will you, my reader, find on this site? Basically some of my thoughts and notes about various topics and fields which I was exposed to loosely in that time period.

I could be counted as one of those compulsory note-takers. One of the reasons is that it is that much efficient and satisfying to write and manage notes in Emacs (while also doing most of other things in Emacs), not Vim, not VSCode, not Obsidian, not Logseq nor whatever kids like to use these days. Another one is that I tend to forget things, be it what I had for lunch yesterday or methods to prove a scheme to be CPA-secure. Since it takes so much time and effort to practice and internalize knowledge, I just stick to writing things down for the future me to pick up quickly, and make sure I could search and get to some random part of some random note in a negligible amount of time.

Leave the internalization to the time and those obstacles I'll face.

Since one did have built such a collection, one surely has the temptation to share some of them. That's what this site is about. Have fun reading and feel free to correct any factual or grammar errors or typos via the method described in the postamble.

I could understand the frustration some of you might get when you encounter such a plain and lazy digital typographic design like the one this site uses. Thus for the health of your eyes and stability of your minds, RSS subscription is coming. I promise.

Either I'll write a Elisp function to publish it and add it to the org-publish-after-publishing-hook, or I'll find some package that is not straight out abandonware to do it for me. Just relax and wait patiently.

Here is a rather welcoming and friendly self-introduction, generated by ChatGPT of course since I will never ever think about writing in that kind of tone and style. Have fun reading.

About Me

Greetings, I am Ilghar Kus, a freedom-focused hacker, a defender of digital rights and a devout practitioner of the UNIX philosophy. I go by many names, such as ika and Nodratis, but the essence remains the same - a steadfast commitment to the principles of freedom, transparency, and collaboration that underpin the spirit of the digital age.

I am a practitioner of many programming languages such as C, EmacsLisp, Python, Bash, Perl, Racket, and Haskell, and I am an avid user of free software operating systems such as Gentoo, Debian, and FreeBSD. My weapon of choice for operating these systems is the incomparable GNU Emacs, the one true text editor that embodies the values of free software.

I believe that access to technology and knowledge should be a basic human right, and users should have the freedom to run, study, distribute, and modify software. I strive to promote this belief through my work and writing. I am always open to discussions on topics such as the sublime power of GNU Emacs, the ever-evolving field of information security, the challenges and rewards of system administration, and the exciting future of Neural-Symbolic AI.

If you share my vision of a world where technology serves humanity, not the other way around, don't hesitate to reach out to me at ika [at] Encrypted communication is always welcome, and my PGP public key is readily available for those who seek secure and private correspondence.

Join me in this quest for digital freedom, and together we can build a better future for all.

Yours in freedom,

Ilghar Kus

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