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This is the third revision so let's try to make this one stay longer.

Just like the preamble says, there is everything but the one you thought.

We don't do none of that here.

I've realized more deeply that all of the things I've wrote are basically worthless noises. So I deleted all those ``articles'' trying to start this all over again. (You can still get some of them from Internet Archive and all of them from the git repo.)

This site contains some of my thoughts and notes about various topics and fields which I was exposed to loosely in that time period.

I like taking notes. Emacs handles it really well.1 Everything sucks but Emacs sucks less, that's why I'd consider it to be the greatest piece of software mankind has to offer. It is that much efficient and satisfying to write and manage notes in Emacs (while also doing most of other things in Emacs), I don't know what those kids like to use these days, but their fancy apps tend to not look as attractive as Emacs.

Another reason to why I like taking notes is that I tend to forget things, be it what I had for lunch yesterday or methods to prove a scheme to be CPA-secure. It takes so much time and effort to practice and internalize knowledge, and I don't have enough time to deliberately practice2 all the knowledge I encounter everyday and hope that I will face a situation some day in which my expertise might be greatly appreciated.

So I just stick to writing things down for the future me to pick up quickly, and make sure I could search and get to some random part of some random note in a negligible amount of time.

Leave the internalization to the time and those obstacles I'll face.

That's what this site is about. Thoughts and notes. Have fun reading and feel free to correct any factual or grammar errors or typos via the method described in the postamble.

RSS subscription is coming. I promise.

About Me

  • Name: Ilghar Kus, ika, Nodratis, Gordon Bechel, ████ ████, …
  • Try-hard UNIX hacker.
  • Free Software, Free Society.
  • Loves: C, Common Lisp.

    <ika> every language is just a lisp DSL implemented in C.
  • Writes: Python, Bash, EmacsLisp, Perl, Haskell.
  • Can write: Anything else with the help of vomitbags.
  • OS: Debian, Gentoo, FreeBSD, Emacs
  • Interests: Infosec, Sysadmin, Neural-Symbolic AI.
  • Hobbies: Programming, Librarianship, Ditigal Archiving, Music, Cryptography, Typography.


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